• Abusing a bug without reporting it to staff members is not allowed and we will take an action immediately.
• Being racist towards players Nationalities, religions, etc may result in 24 hours ban as a warning (also insulting)
• Insulting any part of the team is not allowed. Whatever you meant it or not and it might result in 24 hours ban.
• Advertising to other games or servers is not allowed it also will result in perma ban.
• Cheating is not allowed and it's strictly forbidden we got our anti cheat system beside many eyes in game if you got caught cheating it will result in 7 to 30 days ban.
• Do not share your account info with anyone we won't help you at this situation. However administrators or supporters will never ask you about your personal information so stay safe!
• Selling items, gold, silks, or accounts for real money is strictly forbidden.

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