About Devias Online

We are glad to inform you about Devias Reborn as many request's asked to come back.
We have thought about it alot before taking this step again. Since last time and what happened of several event's that no one want's to remember, we were disappointed of what happened and made the whole project fall. So we decided to go back again quite differently to the world of silkroad to try to revive many memories have died within long period and with this frustrated silence we must initiate the revival of SilkRoad with your help. This time Devias Crew offer's simple and different gameplay, new Features has been added to Devias Online for the first time with considering your opinions and suggestions, so you have to be ready for sharing the best moment's with your friends again. Here it come real as we will show you below Devias Online.

About Devias:
Devias online is a oldschool, chinese only, 80 cap server based on job system.
Our Goal
-Stable high quality server.
-Play2win gameplay.
-No GM's in game.

Over the past years we all noticed the game that got supported by the whole world has gone down incredibly in recent years and server's have been constantly combined.
All that was left behind.we will provide you this time high quality server And we have already put a lot of effort and will try in the future to do everything possible to bring former players back and attract new , and to be honest Our main goal is a successful silkroad server to bring old days back with fun and exciting moments
that's not only for you it include us too we hope with pleasure to get your trust and support again.
Come and join us! Be one of the best and get into Devias history!!

If you want more videos, screenshots or info please visit our thread at elitepvpers:
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